What is CDN? Learn All About Content Delivery Network


CDN Provider Fastly Expands to South Africa

FastlyCDN provider developments are coming thick and fast in 2017, with many content delivery network providers expanding their networks and improving their technical infrastructure. As more and more people get access to the internet, especially in the developing world where the number of internet users is ballooning, the need to optimise global networks in order to cope with the increases in bandwidth required is becoming greater.

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CDN provider Fastly partners with Vimond

CDN provider comparisons are hard to make – with each provider offering vastly different content delivery network CDN provider Fastly solutions, it can be overwhelming when deciding which company will best meet your website acceleration needs.

CDN providers often specialise in offering particular technologies, whether it be advanced security or DDoS protection, high quality global networks or ground breaking hardware. As such, the decisions faced by companies making CDN comparisons can be very frustrating.

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Fastly CDN Growth Set to Increase

Fastly CDN customers have a lot to be happy about. Thanks to the company’s commitment to high speed solid state drive (SSD) technology in their servers, they enjoy blistering CDN performance. This is because SSDs achieve much higher seek speeds compared to traditional hard drives. Combined with the large number of Fastly CDN points of presence, located at strategic geographies around the globe, the content delivery network provider has garnered a reputation for highly optimised web performance.

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