What is CDN? Learn All About Content Delivery Network


Fastly content delivery network partnership for Google

Fastly content delivery network customers benefit from a raft of great technologies that are on offer from the CDN provider. These technologies include the use of high speed SSDs, which result in lightning fast CDN performance. As such, plenty of companies choose to use the Fastly content delivery network to accelerate their online data. Now, Google has partnered with Fastly and will rely on them to offer CDN services to developers who use the Google cloud service to run applications.

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Fastly vs CDNetworks

Fastly vs CDNetworks – which CDN provider offers customers the best content delivery network services and most impressive performance? Both providers are undoubtedly a good choice for potential CDN customers. This is obvious, thanks to the large numbers of reputable companies that rely on both Fastly and CDNetworks to accelerate their online data. However, both companies offer different types of services and technology, making the question Fastly vs CDNetworks very difficult to answer.

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