Drupal CDN Integration


  1. Download the CDN Drupal plugin https://www.drupal.org/project/cdn
  2. Go to “Downloads”, right-click and “Copy Link Address” of the latest CDN module for Drupal.


  1. Login to your Drupal’s admin page, e.g. admin.yourwebsite.com/user
  2. click “Modules” and click on “Install new module”
  3. Paste the URL into the “Install from a URL” field and hit “Install”
  4. Once installed, head back to “Modules”, scroll to “Performance and Scalability”, enable the CDN module, and save configuration
  5. Select “Configure” on the newly activated CDN module. In the development window, select “Enabled” within “Status”, then save the configuration
  6. Now select the “Details” tab and paste in your CDN resource, e.g. https://www.yourwebsite.com – Now save the configuration
  7. In the red warning box, select “Aggregate and compress CSS files”
  8. Within the “Bandwidth Optimisation” box, tick “Aggregate and compress CSS files” and “Aggregate JavaScript files”, then save the configuration

Changes should take effect instantly – Go to your website and open an image in a new window, the URL will show that content is now being served from the CDN. Alternatively, check your code by right-clicking and selecting View Page Source to see assets coming from the CDN.