Lowest Price Guaranteed

If you purchase any online CDN service plan from CDNfinder.com and then find the same CDN service plan for less on another website priced in USD$, we will refund you the difference subject to the terms and conditions below;

  1. The Lowest Price Guaranteed will only apply to purchase of CDN plans marked as “Lowest Price Guaranteed”. It does not apply for additional bandwidth and/or add-ons.
  2. The Lowest Price Guaranteed will only apply to purchases made through CDNfinder.com website which are then compared to offers made on another website that is priced in USD$.
  3. We must receive your request requesting the Lowest Price Guarantee within 48hours of your purchase. The Lowest Price Guaranteed request must be submitted through “CDNfinder Client Area”, and include all of the required supporting information, specified on “How to make a claim” below.
  4. Before we can accept your request, we must be satisfied that: (a) the CDN plan and the service you found on the other website are identical (including, as applicable, the same class of service, the same network, the same CDN Provider and the same level of support); and (b) the product you found on the other website was available to purchase on that website (i.e. not subject to availability or on request) at the time you took your screenshot, and is priced fully and accurately.
  5. The Lowest Price Guarantede will not apply if the cheaper offer on the other website is obtained via a limited time promotion, promo code, cash back, coupon, voucher or member’s discount.
  6. When assessing your request, we will only compare total product price (which will include the cost of the product plus any taxes, fees or other charges, whether payable at the time of purchase).
  7. We can only make refunds onto the card or PayPal account used to make the original purchase.
  8. We reserve the right to change or withdraw the Lowest Price Guarantee at any time.

How to make a claim

Submit your claim within 48 hours of your purchase by opening a Customer Service Ticket from CDNfinder Client Area with subject “Lowest Price Guaranteed” with the following information:

  1. The name and URL of the website you saw the cheaper plan or package, together with a screenshot of the offer and details of full price.
  2. Your full name, and a contact telephone number in case we need to reach you.

We’ll review the submitted details and get back to you with an answer, via CDNfinder Client Area, within three (3) working days.

Once we’ve processed your claim, please allow up to 14 days for the refund to be credited to the same card used to make the original purchase. This will appear as a second transaction in your statement; the time taken for the refund to appear on the credit or debit card statement varies, so the amount may not show on your next statement.

How to access CDN Finder “Client Area”

  1. Go to www.cdnfinder.com
  2. Click on “LOGIN” button from navigation
  3. Enter your email address, password and then click on “LOGIN” button to access the Client Area