Why using a CDN?

If your website takes too long to load, you’ll lose visitors, influence, and sales!
There are five key reasons why you should consider implementing a CDN to boost your online performance.

Increased website performance. This is the key reason for implementing a CDN. Thanks to its unique infrastructure, utilising multiple servers with identical copies of cacheable website data stored around the ground in geographically significant points of traffic, CDNs redirect end users to the server closest to them when a data request is made. This allows data to travel with a lower latency, reduced packet loss and increased download speeds.

Easy scalability and load balancing. CDNs provide website owners with the ability to easily grow their online presence along with their business. As traffic gradually increases, extra permanent server capacity can be added, usually through a few easy clicks on an online control panel. Furthermore, in times of peak, unexpected traffic, requests can be dynamically load balanced amongst other servers on the networks to ensure all end users have a trouble free experience.

Rock solid website reliability. As website files are distributed across many servers around the globe, a CDN provides website owners with unparalleled reliability. The multiple file copies act as live backups, with end users being rerouted to the next nearest server if their closet one becomes overloaded or fails either due to technical difficulties or sabotage such as DDoS attacks. This all helps to keep uptime at close to 100%, with many providers offering SLAs to guarantee this.

Cost Savings. One of the most important reasons many businesses choose to use a CDN is that it provides large cost savings when compared to traditional delivery methods. By offloading traffic to a specialised CDN provider that regular updates its state of the art equipment, organisations no longer need to invest in an expensive network of their own, reducing per megabyte delivery costs.

Improved search rankings. A relatively new feature of many search engines now allows pages to be ranked in search results based on the amount of time it takes them to load. As such, improving website performance via a CDN solution is one of the best ways to help optimise your search engine performance.

These 5 points all help to makes end users happy by ensuring their user experience is as fast and seamless as possible. This in turn can result in increased traffic flows to your website and in cases where ecommerce forms the back bone of your online presence, improved profits. Get in touch with our experienced team at CDNfinder today for expert advice as to why you should start using a content delivery network for all your online needs.