Fastly CDN Growth Set to Increase

Fastly CDN customers have a lot to be happy about. Thanks to the company’s commitment to high speed solid state drive (SSD) technology in their servers, they enjoy blistering CDN performance. This is because SSDs achieve much higher seek speeds compared to traditional hard drives. Combined with the large number of Fastly CDN points of presence, located at strategic geographies around the globe, the content delivery network provider has garnered a reputation for highly optimised web performance.Fastly CDN Growth Set to Increase

Now, the Fastly CDN has announced that they will be further speeding up their already swift expansion with the construction of 3 new points of presence (PoPs) and a new officer in Denver. Two PoPs will be created in Australia, with the other in Brazil, expanding Fastly’s reach and capacity across two continents. The Australian PoPs will increase the Fastly CDN capacity in Australia by 60%, whilst the Brazilian PoP will help prepare customers for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

Fastly CDN Growth Benefits

Speaking of the newly announced PoPs, Fastly CEO Artur Bergman said, “our larger network reach and increased capacity will help allow current and future customers share our dedication to high-quality web experiences. Fastly thanks its customers for contributing to our rapid growth. We’re honoured to be supporting them along the way.”

In addition, Jonathan Candee, Director of Sales for Fastly’s Central Region, lauded the opening of their Denver office, saying, “Fastly chose Denver as its latest location because of easy access to companies in the Midwest and Mountain States. The city’s vibrant community of technology talent, market-leading tech companies and growth-focused venture-funded startups made Denver an easy choice.”