4 Reasons to use CDN finder

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Easy Comparison

Compare 50+ CDN providers by Price, Point of Presence, Term, Performance and more.

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Accurate Performance

Powered by Cedexis the most   unbiased source of real end-user data for evaluating CDNs

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Lowest Price Guaranteed

We buy in large volumes across CDNs as such receive discounted rates that we share.

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Industry Experts

We are the largest, independent CDN integration partner. 16K+ CDN assessments in 8 years.

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Trusted by over 250 companies

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula for success

We find the best CDN or multi CDN service to meet your business needs


With so many CDNs in the market, choosing the best-fit can be a daunting task. There are numerous selection criteria to take into account, such as;

Our proven assessment process give you the needed emanations to make the right vendor/service choice. We bundle all our reports with our cost effective proposals that are as low as below $0.01 per GB. Our team has over 10 years of expertise helping leading brands deliver unique digital experiences for Web and Mobile.


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Content Delivery Network services to fit everyone.

Why CDNfinder and not direct?

  • Lower Price Guaranteed and 10 days 100% money back guaranteed or Free Trial.
  • Short term or Pay-As-You-Go, we meet every need.
  • Cost effective Multi CDN services, easily add or remove CDN providers.
  • Bundle DNS, Security and other services as turn-key. One point of responsibility, contract and billing.
  • Experienced, Independent, Vendor-neutral added support and friendly team.
  • Access to selected CDN provider Support, Online Admin and SLA as if you were a direct client.

With over 250 happy Clients, we buy CDN services in large volumes across 25 CDN providers and consequently benefit from discounted rates that we share. Our team has over 10 years of expertise helping leading brands deliver unique digital experiences for Web and Mobile content.

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Up-to-date Content Delivery Network data.

Save time and make an educated vendor choice

  • Lower Price Guaranteed and 10 days 100% money back guaranteed or Free Trial.
  • Filter providers by pricing, terms, POPs and popularity.
  • Discover how many POPs each CDN provider has in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, South America, Russia and China
  • Access CDN providers’ technology and service summaries.
  • Access CDN providers’ performance measurements at an end-user level powered by Cedexis

We’ve brought all CDNs together in one convenient place and display CDN providers’ data in a table grid format that simplifies your research. Use CDNfinder as a discovery tool: we constantly aggregate and publish CDN providers’ data to ensure they are accurate and easy to read.

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Proven two-step process to identify the best-fit CDN provider.

Review CDN providers that only match your technical and business objectives

  • By industry: Start-up, media, gaming, software, enterprise, e-commerce, news and SAS
  • By targeted geographies: North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, South America, Russia and China
  • By services for Web: cacheable static content acceleration, non-cacheable dynamic content acceleration, SSL/HTTPS secured acceleration
  • By services for video: HTTP streaming, RTMP streaming
  • By goal: improve performance or lower cost

We have developed an algorithm that allows you to identify the best-fit CDN providers that match your search criteria. We generate a basic report that we publish online for you to review and give you the ability to download a full report that includes performance measurements, summaries and much more.

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Powered by market leader Cedexis

Review CDN providers’ performance in one convenient place

  • Filter by: CDN providers, date (from 1 day to 6 months), continent, pricing, terms, POPs and more
  • Performance measurements displayed by: HTTP response time, availability, throughput and HTTPS response time
  • Access CDN providers’ technology and service summaries.

Cedexis collects over 5 billion performance measurements per day and has the world’s most accurate CDN metrics. Data measurements come from real end users of hundreds of popular websites and mobile applications. It is the most unbiased source of data for evaluating CDNs.

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“CDN Finder is a Swiss army knife to find the best CDN, DNS and security deals. It allowed us to quickly review a number of providers based on selected criteria to identify the ideal suit of vendors. An ideal time saver that I would highly recoomend”

Steffen @ www.timeanddate.com

“CDN Finder offered us flexible easy access to a variety of CDNs at cost effective rates vs. going direct to optimize our global delivery.  The technical team was instrumental in not only guiding us through the differences between providers, but also in evaluating other technologies such as DNS and DDos mitigation services”

Livne @ www.mysupermarket.com 

“CDN Finder team  helped us to select a provider that is best suited to our needs. The CDN assessment was rich with information, bundled with performance measurement and extremely competitive pricing. We were also given a number of different options and solutions and as an added measure, we also have the ability to migrate from one provider to another should the need arise.”

Mamun @ www.192.com

“It’s rare to find a team as obsessed over optimization as we are! CDN Finder team has helped improve our global web performance significantly, which helped us overcome the issues faced from growth and success we are experiencing.”

Ruben @ www.antevenio.com

“CDN Finder team helped us making our site fast and more reliable at considerably lower cost then direct. We love the flexibility of being able to change the selected CDN provider or to have multiple CDNs under one commitment as well as being able to add other services of interest such as DNS and Security as turn-key.”

Henrik @ www.exaloc.com

“CDN Finder team have helped us understand the difference between CDN providers to identify the best CDN for our needs and save money. I strongly recommend CDNfinder to anyone looking for CDN Technology!”

Dalia @ www.linkonline.co