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Video Delivery Network Launched by Theta

Video Delivery Network Launched by ThetaVideo delivery network solutions are in hot demand as more and more people access high definition video online and across a variety of devices. With the rise of mobile internet and cheap mobile devices, as well as the popularity of services such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Hulu, global networks are now required to optimise their data flows for low bandwidth high latency networks more than ever.

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India Mobile Internet Use Soars

India Mobile Internet Use SoarsIndia mobile internet use is going from strength to strength. This low income country has historically had low levels of internet use, however the combination of fast growing wages and the availability of cheap mobile devices has allowed huge numbers of people in the world’s second largest country to get access to the internet.

According to the US giant Cisco Systems, much of this rise in India mobile internet use is also down to an innovative Indian company called Reliance Jio.

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CDN Collaboration Between Akamai and HAWE Telecom

CDN Collaboration Between Akamai and HAWE TelecomCDN collaboration can vastly improve the performance of global content delivery for CDN customers – especially when the companies collaborating are industry leaders with global networks located in traffic hotspots.

By leveraging the technology and networks of partners, content delivery network providers can utilise CDN collaboration to increase performance and attract new customers. Now, the latest content delivery network provider to take advantage of CDN collaboration is Akamai.

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