What is a CDN?

There have been many exciting developments in the Content Delivery Network (CDN) industry that have led to more and more people taking notice of this fast moving and highly effective technology. While the popularity of CDNs is constantly increasing, however, many people are still unaware as to what exactly a CDN is.

As global internet traffic levels have been growing exponentially over the past two decades, a solution was needed that would help to secure worldwide bandwidth levels well into the future. That’s were CDNs come in. Content Delivery Networks were created to supercharge the way that data is delivered between servers and end users. By providing this flexibility, CDNs accelerate a wide variety of websites that you are likely use every day without even noticing, from basic software distribution services to leading video streaming websites, online stores and social networks.While CDNs accelerate many of your favourite sites right under your nose, how exactly do they provide the speed you have come to rely upon and trust? By utilising a network of servers located around the world, CDNs consist of a unique network infrastructure that ensures all of a website’s data is available quickly and at all times.

These servers are placed at globally significant points that experience the most traffic, with each containing an identical copy of cacheable data from the website’s original server. With multiple servers located around the world, CDNs can deal with large amounts of data requests from several different regions, with each continent usually having its own network points of presence. The architecture of CDNs also means that they are highly scalable, with customers being able to add permanent additional capacity quickly and easily as their website grows.

It is this unique method of delivering data that has proved to be so effective for CDNs. If you’d like to learn more about content delivery networks, please get in touch with one of CDNfinder’s highly experienced team of advisors who can guide you towards selecting the ideal CDN provider for your needs.