CDN provider Fastly partners with Vimond

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CDN provider comparisons are hard to make – with each provider offering vastly different content delivery network CDN provider Fastly partners with Vimond cdn provider CDN provider Fastly partners with Vimond fastlysolutions, it can be overwhelming when deciding which company will best meet your website acceleration needs.

CDN providers often specialise in offering particular technologies, whether it be advanced security or DDoS protection, high quality global networks or ground breaking hardware. As such, the decisions faced by companies making CDN comparisons can be very frustrating.

The latest company to leverage the power of a CDN provider is Vimond. Vimond is a streaming technology company based in Norway that deliver video for clients across Europe, Asia and the USA. Because of this, a high speed CDN provider is a must for them.

CDN Provider Benefits – Fastly

To meet their needs, Vimond has selected Fastly for their streaming acceleration, as they us a high speed global network based on solid state hard drive technology. This ensure that data is delivered across the world with high speed and low latency.

“It’s great to be able to package Fastly’s CDN into our service when customers want a complete service,” said Helge Høibraaten, CEO of Vimond. “Combining the Vimond platform with the high performance of Fastly is a great basis for an outstanding online media service. And one of the core technologies that makes Fastly so rapid – Varnish – actually originated in Norway, so that’s a little extra common ground for this partnership.”

“Fastly is changing the way video and content in general is delivered to users, across multiple networks and devices. Our partnership with Vimond enables us to reach more customers, and to leverage Vimond’s video stack in our solution,” said Lee Chen, head of streaming at Fastly.

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