What is CDN? Learn All About Content Delivery Network


Best CDN Providers for 2019

The best CDN providers can be hard to find thanks to the sheer number of content delivery network providers now available.  As the industry has gone from strength to strength, many new content delivery network providers have entered the market, each offer a new and useful set of services and specialities to fill a particular niche in the industry.

As such, potential content delivery network customers have to overcome a daunting search when looking for their ideal CDN.

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Content Delivery Network Provider Updates in 2019

Content delivery network provider updates have come thick and fast at the beginning of this year as content delivery network providers have sought to cement their position as industry leaders during the first few months of 2019.

We’ll take a look at some of the content delivery network provider updates that have been making news in 2019 to see how the developments will affect CDN customers and the wider content delivery network industry.

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CDN Provider Fastly Raises US$50 Million

CDN Provider Fastly Raises US$50 MillionCDN provider companies must always look for new ways to develop their services and networks if they are to encourage potential content delivery network customers to take the plunge and leverage their networks to deliver the content to customers around the world. These improvements can come in the form of either expanded networks, through the creation of new PoPs (points of presence) at strategic traffic hotspots around the world,

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