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CDN Provider Fastly Expands to South Africa

FastlyCDN provider developments are coming thick and fast in 2017, with many content delivery network providers expanding their networks and improving their technical infrastructure. As more and more people get access to the internet, especially in the developing world where the number of internet users is ballooning, the need to optimise global networks in order to cope with the increases in bandwidth required is becoming greater. That’s where content delivery networks come in. They optimise the way data is delivered to all corners of the globe so that end users can access both static and dynamic data without delay.

The latest CDN provider to takes steps to boost the performance and reach of their network is Fastly, a CDN provider that specialises in offering high performance CDN services thanks to the use of solid state hard drives in their servers as opposed to traditional platter hard disks, which are much slower. They have expanded their network to include a point of presence (PoP) know as a MegaPop in Johannesburg, South Africa, thanks to partnerships with the global network service provider Workonline Communications and data centre operator Teraco.

CDN Provider Expansion Benefits

“We realise the importance and the benefits of a content delivery network (CDN) deploying in our market, particularly in terms of improved quality and cost reduction,” said Workonline director of business development Edward Lawrence. “Major CDNs like Fastly’s offering add enormous potential to the development of the local market as a whole.”

“Fastly provides a CDN service to digital organisations like BuzzFeed, Pinterest, Shopify, Shazam and Alaska Airlines from key access points on the Internet. This … reduces network transit time when delivering content to end users who are now able to enjoy a richer experience from these online organisations,” said Michele McCann, head of business development at Teraco.

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