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Web Performance Boost from LeaseWeb for AFAS

Web performance is crucial for companies with an online presence looking to boost their reach and sales. Not only does high Web Performance Boost from LeaseWeb for AFASspeed web performance allow customers to browse a site with ease, but it also helps with search engine optimisation, as faster loading pages are ranked higher on most search engines.

Because of this, many companies are seeking effective web performance technologies to boost their websites, such as cloud hosting or content delivery network services, such as those from Akamai or Level 3. One such company is AFAS Software, a Dutch business software company. They have been customers of LeaseWeb, one of the world’s largest web hosting companies, since 2009. Now, they have announced that they will be extending their cloud hosting contract with the company for a further 3 years as they seek to improve web performance as they deal with a rapid growth in customers.

Web Performance Benefits

“The adoption of SaaS applications is on the rise. This year Gartner expects a growth of 20.3%. We are also noticing this trend ourselves, with 83% of our customers now using AFAS Online. That’s why it’s important for us to have a stable cloud solution, supplied by a Dutch provider with data centers in the Netherlands,” says Arnold Mars, Financial Director (CFO) of AFAS. “LeaseWeb’s role is crucial. In addition to the fact that their high-quality services and local data centers fulfill our requirements, LeaseWeb also acts as a sparring partner and supports us in scaling capacity in a flexible manner.”

“In recent years we invested heavily in our people, procedures and cloud technologies so we could support the most demanding markets,” says Ruud Mous, General Director of LeaseWeb Nederland. “The long-standing relationships with our customers, such as AFAS, proves that this is the right course of action.”

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