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Rating: 4.5 Founded: 2001 Revenues: ≈ 275 Million in 2014 Employees:≈ 500 Support: 24/7/365 SLA: 100% Availability Terms: Monthly Rolling Min. Cost: From $39/mo

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Level 3 have been providing high quality content delivery services since 2006. Specialising in online video streaming, large file storage, caching and downloads, the Level 3 CDN solution provides customers with the speed and reliability needed to deliver content to end users on a plethora of devices, including TVs, computers and mobile devices.

With their headquarters in Broomfield, Colorado, Level3 are one of only six Tier 1 internet providers in the world, allowing them to offer their customers unparalleled global data delivery at incredibly high speeds. With a variety of services, including data delivery, video and voice streaming, advanced security protocols, origin storage and managed network options, Level3 can help you accelerate their online presence, regardless of its size, and provide high quality services to your end users.

Six key services form the heart of the Level3 CDN offering:

1) A caching and download service that operates from a global Tier 1 IP network, of which Level 3 is the only company in the industry to wholly own. The caching and download service allows customers to deliver superior digital content, even during spikes and peak load times, with great speed while also providing a great deal of content delivery options. This allows customers to select the delivery features that best fit their business model.

2) A video encoding suite that allows content of any size to be broadcast at any time and location. With availability to a variety of different audience sizes, this service allows video to be encoded and delivered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Options for redundancy, including multiple encoder facilities, are also available. Furthermore, many file types and broadcast signals are supported, including SDI, ASI, DV-45, compressed MPEG-2, Adobe Flash and Windows Media technologies, all available at multiple bitrates. In addition to this, transcoding services are also available, with MPEG2, MPEG4, MXF, AVI, Flash, Silverlight, Apple, Windows Media and 3GP file types being supported.

3) HD video streaming, with the ability to deal with flash crowds and peak loads. Download speed and quality is maximised by being made available at the edge of the internet, and uptime is supported by a 100% uptime service level agreement.

4) The Intelligent Traffic Manager ensures end users can access content at all times. This service is a DNS based load balancing feature that accounts for current server loads and traffic issues caused by hardware when distributing requests evenly across a network. Furthermore, it can monitor and route traffic to any publicly available IP application, website or third party CDN based on settings defined by the customer. By controlling how and where traffic is distributed like this, costs for bandwidth can be significantly decreased. All this is controllable via the Level 3 web based portal, which is highly secure.

5) An origin storage solution to help handle all the data that is required by end users. Designed to connect directly to their CDN, it provides fail proof storage that is easily scalable to deal with increases in data. With 10 petabytes of origin storage capacity, super nodes connected to the Level 3 tier 1 network through 10 GigE connections and a 100% service level agreement, Level 3 are well placed to deal with unexpected increases in content library size.

6) The Site Transformer with front end optimisation (FEO) service, as opposed to simply accelerating the delivery of files as traditional CDN and dynamic site delivery technologies do, the Level 3 Site Transformer works in a very different way.

The Site Transformer with FEO analyses the code of a webpage to determine where inefficiencies exist. It does this accurately by also monitoring how website viewers interact and use web pages, allowing it to dynamically discard or rewrite unnecessary information. This happens in real time and adapts to the usage patterns of end users. Furthermore, the web page’s resources can be arranged on a case by case basis so that they are displayed optimally on a wide range of different browsers. This is all done while ensuring that repeat views of website assets are optimised so that users never view the same resource twice, keeping the pages fresh and unique.

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