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Rating: 5 Founded: 1998 Revenues: $1.96 billion in 2014 Employees:≈ 4,000 Support: 24/7/365 SLA: 100% Availability Terms: 12 Months Min. Cost: From $1,000/mo

Akamai does not disclose the exact location of each POP, we have been told that their network currently has  280,000 servers in more than 2200 locations and 1,200 networks over 80 countries


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Akamai Technologies have established themselves as one of the leading players in cloud computing. They strive to ensure that their clients are provided with seamless, secure, and high-performance user experiences on any device and anywhere in the world. They have adopted the ‘think global, act local’ philosophy in the provision of their services.

Akamai recognises that our increasingly ‘hyperconnected’ world offers a multitude of business opportunities that can be exploited through innovation and evolution in four key areas: mobile communications, electronic media, cloud computing and IT security, with their aim being to facilitate your business by serving these areas.

The Akamai Intelligent Platform is the key to the company’s success. The platform affords unmatched reliability and security to users and also allows them to gain an insight into their online business. This means that clients can exploit faster execution of their online activities and drive their businesses forward to exploit the opportunities of the hyperconnected world by using a single integrated cloud based acceleration solution. The intelligent platform provides a means for managing many IT issues, ranging from device and format proliferation to application and network security and performance and reliability issues.

With 280,000 servers in more than 2500 locations and 1,200 networks over 80 countries, Akamai’s intelligent platform provides comprehensive coverage to any location around the world with 98% of global internet users being just a single network hop away. The servers operate under custom Akamai software which constantly monitors internet conditions, allowing the platform to:

  • Provide instantaneous device-level identification and appropriate optimisation
  • Utilise a comprehensive understanding of network conditions to determine the best data pathway between your site and your clients
  • Identify and counter security threats

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