Akamai CDN Partners with Arkena

Akamai CDN Partners with ArkenaAkamai CDN services are amongst the most popular in the world. With a number of well know clients from around the globe using the Akamai content delivery network, they can boast having a long list of companies, including Accor, Adobe, McAfee, Philips, Rabobank, Foot Locker and Toshiba, who believe that the CDN provider’s content delivery network is one of the most reliable and high performance networks in the world.

Now, the Akamai CDN is set to become even more powerful thanks to a new partnership with Arkena. Akena are a media services provider and part of the TDF Group. They have signed a deal with Akamai that makes them part of Akamai’s NetAlliance Program (NAP) and will allow them to accelerate the deployment of advanced media services worldwide.

Akamai CDN Partnership Advantages

As part of the deal, Arkena’s live and on-demand media management services will be able to work with the scale and reach of the Akamai CDN, providing a complete solution for the delivery of high quality video around the globe.

“Since the beginning, video quality and customer experience have been at the heart of Arkena,” commented Ivan Dulguerian, Chief Marketing Officer at Arkena. “The OTT video market is growing rapidly worldwide and our partnership with Akamai will allow us to reach new territories and extend our footprint with best of breed quality for end users.”

“We are delighted to partner with Arkena and help our joint customers to deliver their OTT video and other content at a high quality wherever and whenever users want,” added Florence Hoppenot, Head of EMEA Channels & Alliances at Akamai. “Arkena supports many key media customers and entrusts us to deliver high quality media into a growing number of territories.”

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