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CDN Network from Internap to Support TriCore Solutions Growth

CDN Network from Internap to Support TriCore Solutions GrowthCDN network performance is one of the main reasons companies with an online presence make the effort to implement a high quality content delivery network. With amny points of presence around the globe, located at traffic hotspots, a CDN network is the best method of serving data to a broad range of end users all over the world.

As such, CDN network providers, including big names such as Akamai and Level 3, have been experiencing a dramatic increase in growth over the past few years. One of the latest companies to take advantage of a leading CDN network provider is TriCore Solutions. They will be leveraging the Internap CDN to help them deal with the increased demand for their managed application and cloud hosting services, which has seen their customer base grow by around 20% over the past 4 years.

CDN Network Advantages

“We have significantly increased our data center capacity to keep up with the changing needs of the organizations we support and to accommodate their requirements for scalability,” said Peter Salamanca, Vice President of Infrastructure, TriCore. “Expanding our data center footprint with Internap enables us to meet these growing demands as an applications service provider. We have been running and managing larger, more complex infrastructure environments thanks to increased end-to-end capabilities across Internap and TriCore’s breadth of expertise. TriCore is poised for future expansion and continued customer satisfaction that meets the highest levels of service.”

“TriCore is a valued partner to our company,” said Mike Higgins, SVP marketing and customer services, Internap. “As a major data center tenant, TriCore has worked closely with us to realize opportunities that mutually benefit our customers. The sky’s the limit as we grow together, bringing superior application and database management – with TriCore expertise – to companies who rely on our high-performance infrastructure and route optimized network. Collectively, we can provide the right combination of hardware and services to help businesses run smarter and scale more quickly in the digital age.”

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