CDN77 and ESO partnership

ESO, the European Southern Observatory is a non­-profit scientific institution which, amongst many other things, provides free images and videos of stars and galaxies from Hubble and ESO telescopes. Most of its traffic results from the distribution of videos — from podcasts to large Ultra HD and planetarium Full-dome videos. Files are typically a few gigabytes in size, but the largest is soon to be a 400 GB Full-dome planetarium show.

For more than a decade, ESO has struggled with providing consistently fast access to content globally, mainly because its servers only reside in one location — Europe. As 40% of ESO’s monthly traffic originates outside of Europe, both the speed and ease of access were a real concern.

After an initial testing, ESO has decided to partner up with CDN77 as a content delivery provider.

“Together with CDN77, we have greatly improved the speed and reduced the latency with which we serve our video content. In particular, we have seen improvement for the speed for our users outside of Europe by up a factor of ten. CDN77 is a great partner for ESO, as they have offered us an affordable, effective option, with excellent, proactive support, allowing us to resolve an issue we have been struggling with for a long time.