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Best CDN Providers for 2019

The best CDN providers can be hard to find thanks to the sheer number of content delivery network providers now available.  As the industry has gone from strength to strength, many new content delivery network providers have entered the market, each offer a new and useful set of services and specialities to fill a particular niche in the industry.

As such, potential content delivery network customers have to overcome a daunting search when looking for their ideal CDN.

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CDN Network to be Acquired by GTT

CDN Network to be Acquired by GTTCDN Network competition is incredibly fierce, with a huge number of companies operating in the market and with many offering niche web performance and acceleration technologies in a bid to entice new customers with innovative services. As such, it is both very difficult for companies to enter the CDN network market and very lucrative for those companies looking to acquire incumbent CDN providers.

Given the revenue potential of CDN network providers,

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CDN Provider CDNetworks Wins Security Excellence Award

CDN Provider CDNetworks Wins Security Excellence AwardCDN provider competition is fierce. With many new CDN providers entering the market every year, incumbent companies must be constantly innovating and developing new technologies in order to keep hold of their slice of market share and entice new customers.

One of the ways CDN providers can innovate is to develop leading technologies such as security services. One such security solution is CDNetworks’ Cloud Security DDoS Mitigation service,

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