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CDN provider Mirror Image to partner with AuriQ

CDN provider partnerships are becoming more and more commonplace as technology companies look to grab the largest share of the internet acceleration market as possible. The latest CDN provider to partner with a large technology company is Mirror Image, a leading provider of high speed edge computing, streaming and content delivery solutions.

CDN provider Mirror Image has partnered with AuriQ Systems, a company that provides a data processing engine that enables the high speedcdn provider mirror image processing and analysis of log data more than 100 times faster than traditional Hadoop-based platforms. As part of the agreement, the CDN provider will enable AuriQ’s platform to integrate tightly with their own PixTracker data collection application.

CDN Provider Benefits

Michael Nam, Senior Account Manager at AuriQ, commented on the partnership, saying that “marketers face a big challenge with the vast amount of user activity data they need to analyze today, and they’re looking for ways to incorporate new features while improving the performance of that data. Our collaboration with Mirror Image will help online and mobile companies improve their competitiveness by driving actionable intelligence, increasing the speed and relevancy of their data, and maximizing efficiency while minimizing costs.

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