What is CDN? Learn All About Content Delivery Network


Level 3 CDN for El Comercio

Level 3 CDN services are amongst the most comprehensive and high performing on the market. With various cloud services Level 3 CDN for El Comercioand scalable content delivery network solutions available to customers, the CDN provider offers a web performance technology for a plethora of end user needs.

Because of the the Level 2 CDN reputation for speed and reliability, El Comercio, an Ecuador based popular daily newspaper,

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CDN77 and ESO partnership

ESO, the European Southern Observatory is a non­-profit scientific institution which, amongst many other things, provides free images and videos of stars and galaxies from Hubble and ESO telescopes. Most of its traffic results from the distribution of videos — from podcasts to large Ultra HD and planetarium Full-dome videos. Files are typically a few gigabytes in size, but the largest is soon to be a 400 GB Full-dome planetarium show.

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