CDN Provider Qwilt Launches Edge Cloud

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CDN Provider Qwilt Launches Edge Cloud cdn provider CDN Provider Qwilt Launches Edge Cloud blog qwilt logoCDN provider companies are always on the lookout for new ways to entice customers to join their content delivery network and purchase CDN services from them. Whether it be through the use of highly competitive pricing to the development of new technologies and services, it pays to stay ahead of the competition and invest heavily in industry leading tech.

By developing new services, a CDN provider can ensure that their content delivery network is performing at the top of it’s game. This can be through the creation of new points of presence – servers located around the world that end users are rerouted to when requests data from a specific website and that reduce latency and increase bandwidth – or through the development of services that fill a niche in the market.

CDN Provider Services

The latest CDN provider to expand the services they have on offer is Qwilt, a leading provider of video delivery and streaming technologies. They have announced their new Open Edge Cloud Platform. The CDN provider has developed this new platform to deal with the increase in demand for streaming services and will be offered as a managed platform and an open API for commercial CDN providers and publishers. The platform has been built from the ground up to support high quality 4K video streaming, AR, VR, self driving cars and the Internet of Things.

“Enabling the Open Edge Cloud in Service Provider networks is our strategic priority,” said Alon Maor, CEO of Qwilt and Board Member of the Streaming Video Alliance. “Along with our service provider partners, we are enabling the global Edge Cloud at a pace that can keep up with publisher demand for compute resources running their new applications with requisite scale and quality. With Qwilt’s cloud-based Open API, we can now offer CDN partners and publishers integration, media delivery and reporting via the Open Edge Cloud content delivery network.”

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