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CDN Developments for November Continued

We’ve already done a round up of CDN developments for November, however it has proved to be a very popular month for CDN news, so we’re going to run through some extra developments that have been taken place in the industry.

As with most of the most important CDN developments, these content delivery network updates tend to revolve around the development of new content delivery network technologies, the expansion of CDN network infrastructure with new points of presence,

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Content Delivery Network Updates for November

Content delivery network updates are a key tool for content delivery network providers looking to offer their customers the best performance possible to end users all around the world.

These updates can come in a range of forms, from the simple addition enhanced customer services tools, to more complicated developments such as the creation of new CDN services or the construction of new points of presence and servers so that a content delivery network provider can serve data to end users in new and exciting locations around the world.

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Mobile CDN Video: How Will the Content Delivery Industry Adjust to 5G

Mobile CDN video has been one of the greatest success stories in the past few years. As access to the internet has blossomed, especially in the developing world such as Africa and Latin America, more and more people are accessing high definition, rich video content on their mobile devices. This is largely due to the ever reducing costs of mobile devices, combined with the speed at which their performance is converging with traditional internet enabled devices.

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