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CDN Video Network Developed By Leading CDN Providers

CDN Video Network Developed By Leading CDN ProvidersCDN video acceleration services are becoming increasingly popular as more and more data being delivered across the internet tends to be high definition video, and with the popularity of services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube constantly rising, this trend is unsurprising.

To help cope with this demand, many new CDN video services have been developed over the past few years. Now, the latest CDN video offering has been released by three of the biggest names in content delivery and content production - Ericsson, Telstra and 21st Century Fox.

Their new CDN video solution will be designed to send personalised movie content to consumers' devices without impacting their device’s performance.

CDN Video Network Developed By Leading CDN ProvidersCDN Video Acceleration Benefits

Speaking of the development, Telstra CEO, Andrew Penn, said "essentially, what is happening is we are able to preload and precondition content on a customer's device so that actually, it's available for them when they want to watch it and when they want to see it, whether it's online or offline. And we can actually do that by multi-casting the content, and we can multi-cast the content at a time when the network is not in significant use, so maybe in the middle of the night."

Furthermore, Trevor Boal, head of Telstra Broadcast Services, said last year, on the topic of CDN video delivery, "the rapid growth of video-on-demand consumption, particularly in Asia, has triggered a surge in demand for content ... the Telstra Global Media Network was built to empower our customers to swiftly and smartly grasp the incredible opportunity at hand with the rise of demand for content. With the Telstra Global Media Network, customers can easily book services online and choose the level of support they need, from self-service to dedicated 24/7 monitoring provided by our dedicated Broadcast Operations Centres in Sydney and master control rooms in Hong Kong, London, New York, and Los Angeles."

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