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Content Delivery Network Pricing Improvements for Instart Logic

Content Delivery Network PricingContent delivery network providers must continue to innovate if they are to keep ahead of the pack in this highly competitive industry. By developing new high performance technologies and honing existing ones, they can ensure that they will continue to attract new customers across the world.

These content delivery network improvements needn’t just relate to technology changes, but can also involve highly competitive pricing strategies. Now, Instart Logic has become the latest content delivery network provider to overhaul their pricing to create a highly competitive offering. They will now be providing enterprise application and content delivery at commodity cost. This move is set to disrupt the content delivery network market.

Content Delivery Network Pricing Changes

Speaking about the pricing changes, Manav Mital, CEO and founder of Instart Logic, said “Today’s announcement is revolutionary in the application delivery industry and confirms that pure transport and delivery has become commoditized. We strongly believe customers should not be forced to pay for this commodity. Instart Logic’s unique architecture provides a robust platform upon which many value-added services can be built and delivered, without requiring customers to make any changes to their applications, or to download any software to end user devices. We call this the ‘power of the platform’ -- deploy once and leverage for a variety of use cases to generate a variety of new revenue.”

Paddy Hannon, CTO at Edmunds.com, an Instart Logic customer, said, “Instart Logic’s Application Services Platform provides Edmunds with cutting-edge performance backed with solid security and reliability. Over the years Edmunds has used several CDN vendors and with the coming re-launch of Edmunds.com we decided to re-evaluate our partners and our strategy. After a comprehensive technology evaluation we selected Instart Logic and have already seen substantial improvements in our site’s performance. In fact, we were able to replace our three CDN vendors with a single platform that actually works better and delivers more value. Instart Logic has been a great partner for us, and we are very happy with our decision to leverage their platform.”

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