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CDN Provider Limelight Powers Chili OTT Service

CDN Provider Limelight Powers Chili OTT ServiceCDN provider Limelight has an illustrious record when it comes to providing high quality content delivery network services. With a host of big name clients, they rank highly on the CDN provider league table, with a high-speed network and a host of comprehensive services.

Now, a new customer is taking advantage of Limelight’s services. Chili S.p.A, an Italian-based OTT distributor of movies, TV series and music, will be taking advantage of the Orchestrate platform, one of the leading services offered by the CDN provider. They will be using the platform to support expansion in Poland, Austria, Germany and the UK as they seek to expand on their current number of customers, which numbers 500,000. In addition to this, they will use the CDN provider’s Orchestrate Storage service to store their entire library of 5,000 movies and over 2,000 TV series.

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Speaking of the development, Stefano Flamia, chief technology officer at Chili said “at Chili, using state of the art technology for our OTT platform is essential to be able to provide a high-quality viewing experience and grow our business. Working with a reliable partner such as Limelight allows us to offer Ultra HD (UHD) content and reach customers wherever they are, both of which are extremely important to us.

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