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Content delivery network for Myanmar

Content delivery network developments can help improve the economic prospects of a country thanks to the vital communications links it facilitates. It is because of this that developing countries are starting to invest more heavily in content delivery network infrastructure to encourage new web performance ventures to develop and provide services to businesses in the country. Now, Myanmar has become the latest developing nation to move towards offering high speed content delivery network technologies to its internet users.

Thanks to a new law passed in 2013, Myanmar’s telecommunications industry has been opened up to the world. As such, Norway’s Telenor is teaming up with a local company, Yatanarpon Teleport, to roll out Google Global Cache (GGC), creating the first content delivery network resource in the country. This compliments the establishment of points of presence in Myanmar by CDNetworks in July 2014.Content delivery network for Myanmar

Speaking of the 2013 law, Ye Myat Thu, executive committee member at Union of Myanmar Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that “the law has resulted in the entry of telecom partners like Norway’s Telenor and Qatar’s Ooredoo. Since then, they have built a lot of infrastructure for both internal links and those that cross border lines, and built servers and other facilities for the internet.

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