What is CDN? Learn All About Content Delivery Network


Ecommerce CDN by Limelight Networks for Cliplister

Ecommerce CDN by Limelight Networks for CliplisterEcommerce CDN customers are becoming more and more numerous as companies with online stores looking to boost their web performance and the security of their online shops.

Given that many shoppers tend to abandon their online shopping baskets if they experience slow load times or perceive a site to be untrustworthy, it’s easy to see when ecommerce CDN services are proving so popular. They help boost the performance of online shops,

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Limelight CDN to Power WorkCast

Limelight CDN to Power WorkCastLimelight Networks is one of the largest and most trusted content delivery network providers in the CDN market. The Limelight CDN offers a broad range of some of the most useful content delivery network services, including static and dynamic data delivery, live video streaming and on demand video. It is because of their extensive services and leading performance that they boast companies such as the BBC, DirecTV,

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Content Delivery Network Expansion for Limelight Networks

Content Delivery Network Expansion for Limelight NetworksContent delivery network expansion is a great way for content delivery network providers to reach into new markets to entice a wider breadth of customers whilst also ensuring their current clients are able to delivery data around the world with ease.

By building new points of presence (PoPs) in new locations around the globe, a content delivery network can increase its bandwidth capacity whilst giving customers new locations through which to be rerouted when requesting data,

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