CDN Live Streaming by Ericsson Enhanced

CDN Live Streaming by Ericsson EnhancedCDN live streaming is an important content delivery network service that is gaining in popularity with online video providers. As more and more people across the globe streaming high definition video, fueled by the rise in ownership of mobile devices, especially across the developing world, global networks are being put under unprecedented strain to cope with the demand for bandwidth.

CDN live streaming services therefore seek to optimise the way data is delivered to end users, especially across low bandwidth, high latency mobile networks. As such, CDN video service providers, such as Ramp, Akamai and Limelight, as constantly looking to develop their networks and improve performance.

The latest CDN live streaming provider to develop their network performance is Ericsson. They have announced a partnership with Net Insight to utilise its Sye streaming technology. This will allow Ericsson to enhance their network and harmonise viewing experiences across devices by providing instant playback, fast channel changes and seamless ad-insertion, creating an experience that is TV-like for everyone.

CDN Live Streaming Enhancements

According to Marcus Bergström, General Manager, UDN, “By resolving the latency and syncing issues, content and service providers can now create a truly immersive live streaming experience where social interaction on the second screen is harmonized with viewing on the first. Our UDN allows content providers to further monetize and leverage their content in totally new ways while opening it up for service providers to directly participate in the OTT value chain.”

Per Lindgren, Senior Vice President, Live OTT, Net Insight points out that live events –  especially live sports  – are the real money generators in today’s broadcasting. But difficulties in adapting  to each user’s connection speed has made it difficult for the operators of OTT services to fully capitalize on it. “By pairing our technology with Ericsson’s global network of UDN partnerships, we are well equipped to overcome this challenge,” he claims.