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CDN Failures Cause World Cup Outage

CDN Failures Cause World Cup OutageCDN Failures can be hugely damaging to companies that accelerate their online data with a content delivery network. And this is no more apparent than when millions of end users are relying on your services for something as important as the football World Cup.

Unfortunately, Optus, an Australian telco that has been streaming many World Cup matches, experienced CDN failures during the first few World Cup matches that has caused them to share their broadcast rights with the terrestrial broadcaster SBS to help ensure there is no more disruption.

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Streaming CDN by Broadpeak for HBO

Streaming CDN by Broadpeak for HBOStreaming CDN services can help companies that deliver rich video experiences to end users send files quickly and efficiently. This is particularly important given that, as internet use grows exponentially, the vast majority of new demand is for high definition video. Additionally, much of this demand is coming from the developing economies of Asia, Africa and Latin America, where most internet users access the internet via low speed mobile devices and across high latency,

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CDN Live Streaming by Ericsson Enhanced

CDN Live Streaming by Ericsson EnhancedCDN live streaming is an important content delivery network service that is gaining in popularity with online video providers. As more and more people across the globe streaming high definition video, fueled by the rise in ownership of mobile devices, especially across the developing world, global networks are being put under unprecedented strain to cope with the demand for bandwidth.

CDN live streaming services therefore seek to optimise the way data is delivered to end users,

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