Content delivery network by PeerApp for Vodacom Tanzania

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Content delivery network by PeerApp for Vodacom Tanzania content delivery network Content delivery network by PeerApp for Vodacom Tanzania Streaming video for universities by PeerAppContent delivery network solutions have long been the technology of choice for companies looking to boost their online performance. From traditional static content, such as large media or software files to dynamic content such as that served by social networks, all online content can benefit from a high performance content delivery network. And as global web traffic has increased significantly over the past decade, the need for companies to leverage a CDN provider has also increased.

Demand for content delivery networks is becoming especially prevalent in developing countries, where high latency, low bandwidth mobile networks are proving to be the norm thanks to the ease and cost effectiveness of their development.

Content Delivery Network Performance

The latest company in the developing world to take advantage of a content delivery network is Vodacom Tanzania. They will be utilising the PeerApp UltraBand content-caching service to help boost the performance of on demand and live video streaming. UltraBand improves QoE by delivering content locally, close to subscribers, eliminating buffering and stalls, while increasing operational efficiency.

“Our network services over 12 million subscribers who use their mobile devices for an ever-growing variety of network services,” stressed Ashutosh Tiwary, Vodacom’s Chief Officer: Marketing. “We must have a solution that scales with the growing demand for content and that allow us to give our subscribers a consistent quality of experience wherever they are, whatever they do.”

“Trying to deliver myriad streams from their points of origin, across the network and onto countless subscriber devices causes network congestion,” stated Kiran Pande, Regional Vice President at PeerApp. “UltraBand delivers the content locally, close to subscribers, keeping the network free and clear of bottlenecks.”

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