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Level 3 CDN Mergers with CenturyLink

Level 3 CDN Acquired by CenturyLinkLevel 3 CDN customers benefit from one of the highest performance content delivery network providers on the market. With points of presence (PoPs) located across the globe, the Level 3 CDN has a huge amount of bandwidth, allowing their customers to serve data to end users around the world at high speed.

As a testament to the performance of the Level 3 CDN, CenturyLink, an American telco company, has announced that they are merger with Level 3 in a deal with US$34 billion. This deal will see CenturyLink own approximately 51% of the new combined company, with Level 3’s shareholders owning 49%.

Level 3 CDN Benefits for CenturyLink

The benefits of the deal will be huge for CenturyLink’s customers. It will allow their larger enterprise customer base to have access to the Level 3 CDN presence in more than 60 countries, giving them unprecedented global data delivery capabilities. This will ensure their data is delivered quickly and efficiently thanks to the high speed Level 3 CDN.

"This transaction increases CenturyLink's network by 200,000 route miles of fibre, which includes 64,000 route miles in 350 metropolitan areas and 33,000 subsea route miles connecting multiple continents," CenturyLink said. "Accounting for those served by both companies, CenturyLink's on-net buildings are expected to increase by nearly 75 percent to approximately 75,000, including 10,000 buildings in EMEA and Latin America."

"This is a compelling transaction for our customers, shareholders and employees," added Jeff Storey, president and CEO of Level 3. "In addition to the substantial value delivered to shareholders, the combined company will be uniquely positioned to meet the evolving and global needs of enterprise customers."

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