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CDN Provider Hibernia Expands

CDN Provider HiberniaCDN provider performance is one of the key aspects that potential content delivery network customers consider when looking for a CDN provider to accelerate their online data. It ensures that they are using a network that will give their end users the highest levels of end user satisfaction.

In order to keep ahead of the competition, it is imperative for CDN providers to constantly innovate and improve their networks. One such was to improve a CDN is to develop new points of presence (PoPs), servers around the globe that cache data and allow end users to access information on servers that are geographically closest to them. This means that data is delivered more quickly with greater bandwidth and lower latency.

CDN Provider Expansion Benefits

The latest CDN provider to expand their network is Hibernia. Hibernia is an Ireland-based CDN provider and they are expanding their network to include a new PoP in Milan, Italy. This is the company’s first Italian PoP and means they now have a presence in 27 major cities around the globe, including 13 in Europe. This new PoP will help the company deliver high performance video-on-demand deliver services for their customers in the region.

"Hibernia Networks is absolutely committed to the continued expansion and development of our Content Services offering. Establishing a local presence in Italy is an important step to more effectively serving this growing market for CDN applications," states Martin Ford, Vice President Sales at Hibernia Networks. "Online gaming and software distributors, video-on-demand and live streaming companies, and enterprises delivering services in Italy will benefit from the flexibility and performance capability of Hibernia Networks' CDN platform."

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