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CDN Performance Boost as Varnish Partners with Cedexis

CDN Performance Boost as Varnish Partners with CedexisCDN performance increases are the Holy Grail for content delivery network providers, as it enables them to deliver data to their customers more efficiently. This helps to increase user satisfaction whilst also providing the CDN provider with a stable CDN performance base from which to entice new customers. This kind of innovation is need thanks to the huge amount of competition in the CDN market.

The latest CDN aiming to boost CDN performance is Varnish, a leading provider of caching software and high performance content delivery. Varnish is collaborating with Cedexis, a leader in internet performance monitoring and optimisation, to introduce a high performance private content delivery solution.

CDN Performance Benefits

The CDN performance of this new solution is set to be very high, combing Varnish’s best-in-class caching software with Cedexis’ cloud-based global traffic management service. This will be a sure-fire way of keeping their customers happy and offering blistering CDN performance solutions for new clients.

"The Cedexis and Varnish Software partnership makes hybrid architectures accessible to any company that wants to extend its content delivery capabilities and control while providing a high-performance, scalable experience to their users online," said Lars Larsson, Varnish Software CEO. "Varnish Extend gives customers the software layer necessary to gain complete control to strategically manage their digital content delivery, global traffic management and costs."

"Cedexis has the most complete vision on CDN, Cloud and Data-Centre performance from an end-user perspective. Our customers have been designing and building their own hybrid CDNs using our solutions for many years. The partnership of Cedexis and Varnish Software brings a world-class solution for both hybrid and DIY CDN to this expanding market on a global basis," said Julien Coulon, founder of Cedexis.

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