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CDN Video Delivery by CDN Provider Zixi

CDN video delivery is revolutionising the way we access video online. As more and more people watch TV shows and video online, unprecedented pressure is being placed on global networks. And with much of online demand being driven CDN Video Delivery by CDN Provider Zixiby web video services such as YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Video, there is greater need than ever for high performance CDN video delivery technologies by content delivery network providers to be implemented by content hosts.

Now, CDN video delivery specialist, Zixi, have developed a new cloud-based content delivery network platform to help deliver broadcast quality video from a plethora of devices from all over the world.

“TV everywhere acceptance is exploding and media organisations are racing to provide audiences with broadcast quality live content to be viewed on a variety of devices,” said Israel Drori, founder and president of Zixi. “However, production of that content can be expensive and complex. By providing first-mile ingest with the highest possible quality, the ZixiFY service enables our customers to have the complete freedom in choosing their CDN provider. Media organisations can leverage our global ecosystem of partners to transmit, process and distribute high quality video over the Internet to engage their audiences and drive new revenue opportunities.”

CDN Video Delivery Technology

The technology uses aggregated bandwidth from wired, WiFi or 4G connetions to increase delivery bandwidth and boost CDN video delivery.

“Zixi has helped JVC Professional Video transform the broadcast market by offering a way to stream live over 4G LTE and Wi-Fi at high quality back to the studio. While delivering the same experience at a much lower cost than trucks and other bonded technologies Zixi streaming is a great tool for providing additional content,” said Lon Mass, VP sales and marketing for JVC Professional Video. “Now with Zixi’s ZixiFY service offering, our customers have a way to distribute high quality content to any CDN, extending the possibilities broadcasters have to engage existing and new markets through an enhanced experience while also addressing big operational challenges.”

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