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CDN Performance Boost for CDN77 Thanks to Brotli

CDN performance is amongst the most important factors that potential content delivery network customers must consider when CDN Performance Boost for CDN77 Thanks to Brotlisearching for a CDN provider that adequately meets their needs. CDN performance refers to the speed at which the content delivery network can process, handle and deliver data to users all around the globe, and ranks alongside the global reach of a CDN as one of the most important CDN features.

As such, CDN providers are constantly looking to boost the CDN performance by developing or utilising innovative new features. These include high tech load balancing technologies, high speed hardware such as solid state hard drives and advanced compression techniques.

It is this final CDN performance technique – compression technologies – that the CDN provider CDN77 has pursued as they seek to boost their CDN performance. The UK-based CDN provider offers high quality CDN services and counts many high profile brands as its customers, including Victorinox, Wizz airlines, Scania, the European Space Agency and Foxit

CDN Performance Improvements with Brotli

Now, in an effort to boost their CDN performance, CDN77 are taking advantage of Google’s new Brotli library. This new library, developed by Google, promises to improve compression rates, boasting even better compression than Gzip. Chrome and Firefox are already implementing Brotli into their next releases, so it a logical step for CDN77 to allow users on compatible browser to take advantage of the technology.

By offering up to 25% improvements in compression for assets like JavaScript and CSS files and 40% in improvements for HTML when compared to Gzip, Brotli ensures that all files are delivered quickly and efficiently around the globe, especially on high latency, low bandwidth mobile networks. It also means that CDN77 custmers will benefits from cheaper prices, as they only pay for the data that is actually transferred via the CDN.

If you’d like to learn more about CDN77 and their services, visit the WWW.cdnfinder.comparison site today.

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