CDN Performance Boost for Broadpeak

CDN performance enhancements are crucial if content delivery network providers are to stay ahead of the pack an encourage newCDN Performance Boost for Broadpeak clients to join their networks. As more and more data is delivered online, the pressures on global networks increases, causing slowdowns, bottlenecks and rising latency. This is why CDN performance improvements are so important, whether they take the form of improving raw bandwidth, compression algorithms or load balancing structures.

Because of the need for CDN performance improvements, many CDN providers have been embarking on network and technology upgrades in recent months. The most recent CDN provider to enhance their CDN speed is Broadpeak. They have recently announced the introduction of CDN Diversity, an enhancement that dynamically takes into account the instant quality of several content delivery networks so that it can request data from only those with the best CDN performance. The technology will work seamlessly with any CDN technology, meaning that there will be little impact on current workflows.

CDN Performance: The Need for Speed

Speaking of these new CDN performance developments, Jacques Le Mancq, CEO at Broadpeak, said that “for content providers, delivering video with premium quality — in the most affordable manner possible — is the ultimate goal. Yet, one CDN is not always the best choice for all content delivery scenarios. CDN Diversity innovates upon the traditional CDN selection process, allowing providers to make immediate, intelligent, and automated decisions depending on the context of various networks, subscribers, and their devices. Taking into account parameters such as geographical area, QoS, and price, content providers can successfully balance traffic between multiple CDNs to boost QoE and reduce video delivery expenses.”