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CDN Video Acceleration By EdgeCast For Microsoft

CDN video acceleration has become a very important aspect for companies to consider when setting out their web performance plan. With services such as YouTube, Vimeo and Netflix growing exponentially, online video represents one of the biggest trends in online consumption, with much of the world’s internet bandwidth set to be filled with high definition video on demand and streaming content in the coming years.

One such provider to be taking steps to using CDN video acceleration is Microsoft. Microsoft is obviously a big player when it cdn video cdn providers edgecastcomes to their online presence, and they have been busy building a fairly comprehensive content delivery network over the past few years to help drive their recently professed commitment to the cloud. Known as the Azure network, it has been created for customers as opposed to for internal use, and it has proved to be a robust system.

CDN Video Acceleration

However, Microsoft has recently announced that they will be leveraging the EdgeCast content delivery network, now operated by Verizon, for their CDN video needs. Microsoft has confirmed the deal, stating that, and “Microsoft licenses technology from many partners to complement our product offerings and to give customers complete solutions. We are happy to partner with EdgeCast to provide an integral component of the Azure Media Services workflow.

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