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CDN Network Developed by eApps Hosting

CDN network developments are happening at a fast pace as companies look to capitalise on this growing industry. By caching identical copies of a website’s data to many different servers located at geographic hotspots around the globe, data can be delivered to end users quickly and efficiently. This is due to the fact that end users will be rerouted to the server geographically closest to them when download files, reducing latency and increasing bandwidth.

Sever new CDN network providers have cropped up in the past few years and the latest to enter the CDN race is eApps Hosting. CDN Network Provider eAppsThey have announced their new CDN network which aims at improving website load times for site users anywhere in the world. This will be reached thanks to the network’s broad reach, with points of presence in over 130 cities across 43 countries around the world.

CDN Network Strengths

The CDN network from eApps is billed as having four key strengths:

  • High Site Visitor Retention - Through improved speed, eApps claim that fewer users will abandon sites taking advantage of their CDN.
  • High SEO Rankings – High speeds result in high SEO ranking. eApps claim that their superior speed will yield great SEO results.
  • Reduced Resource Usage – As most of the heavy lifting required for websites to work is offloaded to the CDN network, the sites origin CPU and RAM overheads are reduced, passing on resource savings to the customer.
  • Highly Effective Targeted Delivery – The eApps CDN networks allows customers to target users based on their geography, meaning that content can be restricted or promoted to certain users.

With prices starting at around US$0.05 per GB for customers in Europe, North America and Western Asian economies, the eApps CDN network is set to be a very competitive offering. And alongside comprehensive support options, customers with all levels of CDN experience will be able to get to grips with the service.

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