CDN Provider Aryaka Achieves Massive Growth

CDN provider competition is at an all time high. With many new CDN providers entering this crowded and lucrative market every year, new niches are being created and filed all the time.

One such CDN provider is Aryaka. A leading provider of WAN optimization, network, application delivery and cloud networks, cdn provider AryakaAryaka riding high for the past year thanks to an expansion in its network and a plethora of new services that have been made available to their customers. This has resulted in a 100% increase in subscriber revenue and 2x increase in their number of customers over the past year.

The CDN provider expanded their network greatly, with points of presence (PoP) set up in the strategic hotspots of Los Angeles, Miami, Tokyo and Johannesburg. Alongside some exciting new partnerships, this has allowed them to improve their network performance and bring business users within 20 milliseconds of an Aryaka PoP.

CDN Provider Services Expanded

In addition to these PoPs, Aryaka has also added three key services to their catalogue. These include:

  • Aryaka ONE, the world’s first global, private, optimized and secure on demand networks that has been created to address the needs of the enterprise. The technology involved optimizes speed for content and applications delivered both inside and outside of the firewall, on premises or in the cloud.
  • CDN-as-a-service, a purpose built CDN for the enterprise. It runs on top of a private core network and provides two levels of caching at either end, avoiding middle mile congestion.
  • Network OnDemand, a service that provides immediate access to private WAN connectivity, based on metered usage and pricing. This allows for superior scalability without the traditional restrictions.

Speaking of the milestone, Ajit Gupta, President and CEO of Aryaka, said that “we have disrupted not just WAN Optimization but enterprise networking and application performance at large. Aryaka is the converged network solution for distributed enterprises across the globe. So many businesses have experienced the strain of being caught between the public Internet, which is often too slow, MPLS for private traffic, which is expensive and doesn’t scale effectively, and CDNs, which are not built for the acceleration of enterprise applications. Aryaka has established itself, against these standards and within the fiercely competitive enterprise networking market, as the definitive solution for global companies.”