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CDN Provider Hibernia Boosts Latency Performance

CDN provider Hibernia is a global provider of high performance telecommunications solutions, including content delivery network services. The company has long specialised in offering ultra low CDN Provider Hibernia Boosts Latency Performancelatency services, with the backbone of it’s network being the Hibernia Express, a transatlantic cable owned and operated by the CDN provider.

The Hibernia Express cable connects New York to London and makes use of innovative radio frequency transmission technology along with a unique route design, which allows the cable to achieve the lowest latency performance of all transatlantic CDN providers with industry leading figures of sub 58.95ms.

CDN Provider Latency

Now, the CDN provider has announced that they are able to further reduce latency on the high density NY to London route thanks to an alternative backhaul route in the UK. This will see latency fall to around 44.92ms.

Speaking of the development, Dan Connell, managing director, market structure and technology at Greenwich Associates, said that “Hibernia Networks has demonstrated a commitment to innovating latency performance on the key routes connecting the major financial exchanges. Financial firms rely on leading edge network providers like Hibernia Networks to ensure they are trading on the most current market information.

Omar Altaji, CCO of Hibernia Networks, renewed their commitment to providing low latency services, stating that “at Hibernia Networks we are unwavering in our commitment to provide the industry leading network performance that our most demanding customers entrust us to deliver. Customers rely on our low latency, high capacity connectivity solutions to ensure their ability to stay competitive in today’s networked world.”

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