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CDN Developments for November Continued

We’ve already done a round up of CDN developments for November, however it has proved to be a very popular month for CDN news, so we’re going to run through some extra developments that have been taken place in the industry.

As with most of the most important CDN developments, these content delivery network updates tend to revolve around the development of new content delivery network technologies, the expansion of CDN network infrastructure with new points of presence,

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CloudFront Expansion in South Africa

CloudFront Expansion in South AfricaCloudFront expansion is great for Amazon CloudFront customers as it allows them to have unfettered access to markets all across the globe. While the company already has a huge footprint, any new locations are always welcomed.

Amazon CloudFront is the content delivery network aspect of Amazon Web Services (AWS) product and they have announced a new point of presence that will be located in an edge location in Johannesburg.

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CDN PoP for Cloudflare in Phoenix

CDN PoP for Cloudflare in PhoenixCDN PoP (point of presence) placement is extremely important for content delivery network providers looking to grow quickly and entice new customers to join their network. By placing points of presence in strategically important locations that experience high levels of internet traffic, CDN providers can serve their customers’ data to end users more quickly, with higher bandwidth and lower latency levels. This can have a dramatic affect on end user satisfaction and help companies with an online presence serve their customers better.

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