December CDN News Overview

CDN news has slowed in the past month as the year winds down and deals slow in the run up to the festive break. However, that does not mean there have been no developments in this fast moving industry. As companies look to 2019, there has still been some noteworthy CDN news to look over before the new year.


Akamai Breaks New Data Delivery Records

The first interesting piece of CDN news for December 2018 involves Akamai,

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CDN Developments for November Continued

We’ve already done a round up of CDN developments for November, however it has proved to be a very popular month for CDN news, so we’re going to run through some extra developments that have been taken place in the industry.

As with most of the most important CDN developments, these content delivery network updates tend to revolve around the development of new content delivery network technologies, the expansion of CDN network infrastructure with new points of presence,

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DDoS Protection in High Demand

DDoS Protection in High DemandDDoS protection is a key aspect of the modern internet that many companies with an internet presence, both large and small, must consider if they are to provide excellent services to their end users with high levels of uptime.

As such, many companies have emerged offer high performance DDoS protection from distributed denial of service attacks. One such company is Imperva. Commenting on a recent record breaking DDoS attack targeting GitHub,

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