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Content Delivery Network Updates for November

Content delivery network updates are a key tool for content delivery network providers looking to offer their customers the best performance possible to end users all around the world.

These updates can come in a range of forms, from the simple addition enhanced customer services tools, to more complicated developments such as the creation of new CDN services or the construction of new points of presence and servers so that a content delivery network provider can serve data to end users in new and exciting locations around the world.

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New CDN Services to Challenge WAN

New CDN Services to Challenge WANNew CDN services are constantly being developed by CDN providers as they seek to enter new markets and entice new customers to try their services.

Now, according to a new report published by Gartner, the lastest new CDN services on offer by providers aim to help enterprise clients shift away from using WAN services and instead take advantage of the benefits of CDNs and cloud computed for their distributed data storage and delivery needs.

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ChinaCache CDN Launches on AWS Marketplace

ChinaCache CDN Launches on AWS MarketplaceChinaCache CDN services are amongst the best performing content delivery network technologies available in the competitive CDN market – especially if you’re looking to accelerate your online data in China.

The ChinaCache CDN benefits from being the first content delivery network provider to obtain a nationwide operating permit to provide content and application delivery services across China from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

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