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Akamai Content Delivery Network for Exceda

Akamai content delivery network demand has been growing recently, with many tech companies leveraging the CDN giant to power their own content delivery network offerings. One of the most high profile developments this year came when Rackspace announced they were using the Akamai content delivery network to power their own CDN service, giving clear evidence as to how strong Akamai’s reputation is in this highly competitive market.

Now, Exceda is the latest company to develop a CDN based on the Akamai content delivery network. Known as the XCDN, the new service is targeted at the highly lucrative small to medium sized akamai content delivery network providerbusiness (SMB) market. Available to customers in North, South and Central America, the service will leverage the entire reach of the Akamai content delivery network’s world class 170,000+ server network, ensuring that every website using the XCDN will be highly reliable and accessible with incredible speed.

Akamai Content Delivery Network Advantages

According to Claudio Marinho, CEO at Exceda, "Akamai is the choice of virtually every leading online business at the upper end of the market. What we've done with XCDN is take the features of Akamai that matter most to the SMB market including HTML caching and scalable capacity and priced them very attractively compared to every other CDN in the marketplace."

Marinho goes on to note that "XCDN compares favourably to every other CDN solution for small business in the market today. We have more than 500 customers running successfully on the platform, and expect demand to grow as business owners see how important website performance is to the success of their overall business. We're offering 100GB of free traffic to customers who try the platform. I'm quite confident they'll be impressed."

The XCDN offering is competitively priced, with flat rate pricing starting at $12, with no additional fees for international content delivery or per-request charges. This repesents a great price for an Akamai content delivery network powered solution. "A lot of XCDN's competitors have a low base price, but then they complicate things with add-on costs" according to Marinho. "For the SMB market, simplicity is a powerful selling point. XCDN enables literally anyone with a website to optimize page load times and ensure availability."

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