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Web performance boost as IBM opens new data centre

Web performance investments are amongst the top priorities of businesses both large and small these days. As well as boosting the performance of websites and reducing their load times, providing a better means for potential customers to learn about new and exciting products, web performance investments can help to streamline the day to day operations of a company.


Cloud computing represents one of the most useful ways that web performance upgrades can increase the productivity of a company. By having an online space in which employees can store and share files, a company benefits from collaboration and file sharing across several different locations – ideal for multinationals. With companies such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft spending upwards of US$10 billion to increase their data centre capacity for cloud computing, it’s easy to see why the topic is gaining so much attention.


Cloud expansion and web performance

With this in mind, IBM has showcased their commitment to web performance and the cloud through the creation of a brand new data centre in London, UK. SoftLayer, an IBM company specialising in cloud operations, announced the opening as part of a US$1.2 billion global investment in its cloud services around the globe. The data centre has a capacity of over 15,000 physical servers and will complement its current European point of presence (PoP) in Amsterdam, allowing Europe to be a web performance powerhouse for the company.


This is the first phase of the US$1.2 billion roll out that will see an additional 15 data centres opened in locations such as Paris and Frankfurt later this year. This will take the total SoftLayer network to 40 datacentres across 5 continents around the world, resulting in an impressive foundation for web performance technologies.


The decision to base a new PoP in London was a simple one for SoftLayer. Given the city’s status as a global financial powerhouse, many large multinationals are based there, providing limitless opportunities for web performance and cloud computing customers. SoftLayer will begin taking orders for their London data centre this month.

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