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Enterprise content delivery network launched by Aryaka

The enterprise content delivery network (CDN) market is one that provides plenty of potential for CDN providers. With more and more people gaining access to the internet every year, with a great deal of growth from lucrative emerging markets in the Middle East and Asia, many large multinationals are experiencing severe website slow downs as they receive extra spikes in traffic. As such, there is plenty of demand from enterprise organisations to boost their website performance in order to attract the most amount of traffic as possible.

In response to this demand, Aryaka, a leading provider of WAN optimisation as-a-Service, network as-a-service, application delivery as-a-service and cloud network as-a-service, has developed what it claims to be the first enterprise content delivery network – that is, a CDN that has been built from the ground up specifically for use by enterprise clients. Until now, enterprise customers have used one of the many other CDN products on the market that cater to many different needs.


Enterprise Content Delivery Network Tech

Aryaka’s differentiation is based upon the fact that many CDN providers have been engaged in a race to the bottom, providing rock bottom prices whilst ignoring the premium needs that many potential enterprise content delivery network customers desire. Their enterprise CDN is built around a network that comprises a private core network with caching, compression and TCP optimisation. This is spread across globally distributed points-of-presence (POPs), located in some of the most traffic heavy spots around the world. Aryaka's CDN will extend beyond the origin-to-edge structure offered by traditional CDNs, providing true multi-segment TCP optimisation for the first, middle and last mile, with the middle mile riding taking advantage of Aryaka's private core network. This will enable Aryaka to provide reliable, high performance delivery of both static and dynamic content to all enterprise users, in any location around the world.


Ajit Gupta, founder and CEO of Aryaka, said of their new product "the CDN market is highly commoditised, where the vendors mainly focus on POP locations, server counts and on addressing the needs of large content providers like social media companies and video streaming sites. Aryaka is different. Our solution started from our WAN optimised global private network and has evolved to address the growing needs for enterprise content and application performance.

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