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Content delivery network expansion by Verizon

Content delivery network expansion is taking place at a rapid rate, with many high profile increases in capacity this year. As a testament to the dramatic increases in global bandwidth and the level of strain being placed on global networks, Verizon, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the United States, has further committed itself to improving the way it delivers data around the world.

Verizon have entered the highly competitive content delivery network (CDN) market with their recent acquisition of Edgecast, a leading CDN provider. The acquisition was made with the intention to boost the speed of Verizon’s Digital Media Serivces, which specialises in the delivery of rich media data such as videos, whilst also providing monetisation features. The acquisition of Edgecast enables them to add direct local connectivity from their network to many of the world’s largest broadband providers, allowing Verizon to give their customers superior download speeds.


Content Delivery Network Expansion in Emerging Markets

As part of their on-going investment in their content delivery network expansion, Verizon have announced that they are creating 20 new points of presence (PoPs) to give them a greater reach around the globe. These new PoPs have been gradually added to their network since January 2014 and are located in new locations such Warsaw, Stockholm, Milan, Vienna, Melbourne, Helsinki, Kaohsiung, Batam, Jakarta and Sao Paulo. The 20 new PoPs also include machines in areas that Verizon already service, including European cities such as London, Madrid, Paris and Amsterdam.


James Segil, chief marketing officer, Verizon Digital Media Services, commented on Verizon’s CDN expansion, saying “the majority of our customers offer their services to a global audience. Our continued worldwide expansion means content is as close as possible to the end-user’s digital doorstep. Continuing to add points of presence to our network helps our customers deliver even their largest files quickly and efficiently no matter whether the viewer is watching video, shopping, gaming or sharing content.

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