CDN Collaboration Between Akamai and HAWE Telecom

CDN Collaboration Between Akamai and HAWE TelecomCDN collaboration can vastly improve the performance of global content delivery for CDN customers – especially when the companies collaborating are industry leaders with global networks located in traffic hotspots.

By leveraging the technology and networks of partners, content delivery network providers can utilise CDN collaboration to increase performance and attract new customers. Now, the latest content delivery network provider to take advantage of CDN collaboration is Akamai. This leading CDN provider has partnered with HAWE Telecom, a leading Polish telecoms company. By partnering with HAWE, Akamai will be able to utilise their network of fibre optic servers in order to boost performance for end users in Poland who are accessing websites served by Akamai.

This CDN collaboration deal will help Akamai grow in the strategically important CDN market of eastern Europe, a leading growth centre for internet use thanks to the booming economies of the countries located there.

CDN Collaboration Benefits

“Akamai servers allow to access the content on different devices without losing any speed or quality, and they identify, absorb and block malware. Our infrastructure optimises the use of online resources, dynamically redirecting traffic from the most-loaded servers to others, significantly accelerating the speed and increasing the quality of access to the Internet content. I am convinced that our solutions will definitely increase the effectiveness of the HAWE Telekom optical fibre network,” comments Domenico Janelli, EMEA network development strategy director from Akamai Technologies.

“We closely observe the market development and its trends. Developing the capabilities of our optical fibre network will allow us for more effective participation in projects related to, e.g. the Internet of things or the construction of 4G networks. The co-operation with Akamai Technologies will make the time of access to selected websites and to other websites available on the Internet halved for our customers,” comments Dominik Drozdowski, vice president of HAWE Telekom.

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