Video Delivery Network Launched by Theta

Video Delivery Network Launched by ThetaVideo delivery network solutions are in hot demand as more and more people access high definition video online and across a variety of devices. With the rise of mobile internet and cheap mobile devices, as well as the popularity of services such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Hulu, global networks are now required to optimise their data flows for low bandwidth high latency networks more than ever.

Thankfully, many new video delivery network providers are emerging to fill this gap. The latest is Theta, the first video delivery network powered by blockchain. They have released a beta version called testnet of their service that is proving to be quite a hit. The beta integrates with, a leading esports streaming website with over three million users.

Video Delivery Network Benefits

“We first invested in for its novel approach to mitigating the bandwidth-intensive costs of video streaming,” said Ajay Singh, Samsung NEXT Ventures. “The Theta testnet represents the evolution of’s initial thesis, and builds on the idea of a decentralized content delivery system. With the launch of the Theta testnet, developers can begin using blockchain to deliver video, ensure content integrity, and reward content creators in innovative new ways.”

“Bitmovio is building a breakthrough model for entertainment content creators that can only be enabled by the power of the Theta blockchain,” said Bill Guttentag, a double Oscar-winning filmmaker and a founding advisor to Bitmovio. “For too long, streaming has been passive and lacked the power of engagement and interactivity to create superfans. Existing content delivery systems are ripe for disruption, and Bitmovio and Theta are at the forefront of this revolution.”

“This launch extends Theta’s technological head start as the only active decentralized video delivery network,” said Mitch Liu, co-founder and CEO of Theta Labs. “Launching our testnet and $2M fund empowers developers to push the limits of our blockchain network and create innovative apps that take advantage of decentralized video streaming. We believe future decentralized video platforms will be built on Theta infrastructure — so let’s get started.”